Multifilter 2
Multifilter 2
Multi-Mode Filter

Multifilter 2

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The newly redesigned Multifilter 2 adds a ton of functionality to our old filter, which was already great :)


Dual input crossfading mixer with voltage controlled gain and saturation. 

Dedicated "Ping" input percusses the filter.

Variable Mode output: continuously-variable voltage controlled response with selectable NP (Notch) or BP at center.

Variable response can track frequency for some interesting sweep variations and modulation options.  

Voltage controlled resonance, or "Q".

Self-oscillates reliably over entire range- doubles as a very playable audio source or LFO with multi-phase outputs.

Tracks V/OCT over roughly 4 octaves.

Fully buffered outputs and low noise design. 

Shallow form-factor.


Pinging Multifilter with looper courtesy Herr Shield


  • 12HP
  • +/-45mA @ +/-12V
  • 0mA 5V
  • 20 mm deep 

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Multifilter 2
Sport Modulator 2