Multifilter 2 Preorder
Multifilter 2 Preorder

Multifilter 2 Preorder

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Preorder Preamble: Due to parts shortages, we are capping the first run at 200 units. This is a $50 deposit to hold your spot in line. When the module enters the production phase, we will update your order and you will be invoiced for the remainder, *projected MSRP is $249*  Please contact us with any questions. Thank you!

The newly redesigned Multifilter 2 adds a ton of functionality to our old filter, which was already great. Updates include:

Dual-input crossfading mixer with voltage controlled gain.

Variable Mode output with continuously-variable voltage controlled response ; Lopass- Bandpass(or Notch)- Hipass . Can track filter frequency for some interesting effects.

Dedicated "Ping" input percusses the filter.


shallow form-factor

low noise design

projected MSRP $249

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