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MiniMix is a compact six-channel mixer- a pared-down cousin of Stereomix with a focus on more inputs and functional density without skimping on quality.

The workflow and interface take heavy inspiration from the Buchla model 207, but that's about it. Internally, MiniMix is our own design using all modern components and construction, offering superior audio fidelity.

Functionally, we added 2 stereo input channels to tangle with the increasing number of stereo sources in the Eurorack world, click-free muting, a super solid stereo headphone/ line driver, daisy-chain headers and a master level control.

It's perfect for small/ travel cases, easily expandable/ chain-able for larger setups and has enough gain handy to work some outboard gear into the mix.


Six main input channels, (4 mono and 2 stereo) each with volume fader, pan and mute switch.

Voltage-controlled panning on channels 1 and 6 with -4.5dB compensated pan-law.

Soft (clickless) muting on each channel.

Stereo expansion inputs sum with main mix at unity gain.

Loud and clean stereo headphone/ line driver with independent level control.

Master volume control.

Easily chain-able with other MiniMix, Stereomix or other mixers- vis-a-vis headers for behind the scenes connection expansion inputs. 

Extremely low noise/ low distortion design; higher-end op-amps and 'audio grade' film caps used in the audio path.


Checking out Toppobrillo's Minimix


  • 14HP
  • +/-100mA @ +/-12V
  • 0mA 5V
  • 20 mm deep

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